Steve and Nancy Calhoun have been a part of the Yakima Valley all their lives.  They have seven children and are part of the Lower Yakima Valley farming community.  They own and operate Farmland Fruit and Produce, raising a variety of fresh fruits; cherries, apricots, plums peaches, nectarines, apples and grapes.  They love their farm and have a variety of farm animals as well, which makes their farm a wonderful place to raise their family. 

Bob and Sheri Lockbeam were also born and raised in the Yakima Valley.  They have chosen to raise their two boys in a country setting west of Yakima.  Investing their lives in kids, people and community, they were 4-H Leaders for a number of years and are active members of their local church. Sheri chose early in their marriage to not pursue a career outside of the home and to be a full time mom.  Bob worked as a production supervisor at Weyerhaeuser Container Board Packaging for nineteen years before becoming involved in the restaurant business.